Our response to Covid-19

In this crucial world health crisis, our provision services and our worldwide network play a crucial role, conjointly in saving lives – whether or not it’s by causation emergency medical instrumentation and provides to aid workers; delivering necessity merchandise to non-public customers; or by finding solutions for corporations to continue their operations.

Against the backcloth of the world Covid-19 happening, In-line Freight Solutions  cluster business operations area unit being endlessly tailored to mitigate potential impacts. As a globally operational company, epidemic associate degreed pandemic risk situations area unit an integral a part of the Group’s continuous risk coming up with. The cluster follows a holistic management method that allows our business units to make sure the most effective potential operations for our customers even in associate degree emergency.

The safety of our staff and customers is dominant. so as to closely monitor and manage the Coronavirus happening, an IFS cluster Coronavirus task force has been established, semiconductor diode by the Group’s CEO. The Group’s task force conjointly coordinates with international organizations (such because the WHO, CDC, ECDC and Koch Institute) and provides the required data to all or any staff and relevant operations.

IFS Task Force

The IFS task force meets weekly and updates high management on the evolution of true ensures that our organizations all told countries we have a tendency to operate follow protocols of official authorities, each international organizations and native country health authority advisories (whichever sets the strictest rule) discusses and approves measures because the state of affairs unfolds facilitates cross-divisional data and best observe sharing.


Our favorite priority is that the eudaemonia of our staff and customers. we have a tendency to follow all official recommendations, and that we area unit committed to reply to the decision for cohesion and commonality to forestall the unfold of the sickness.

Our Business Continuation Policy offers pointers for our operations in 220 countries. It is our mission that every day, everywhere, to prevent the unfold of the disease:

  • We promote a “Safety First” approach within our organisation.
  • We encourage versatile work arrangements, tailored to totally different roles.
  • We have restricted in person business meetings to a minimum.
  • We deferred all non-business essential events and trainings.

In addition, every business unit developed and internally communicated extra measures fitting distinctive country wants or division-specific necessities.

We frequently update our staff via internal media, still as via our native management groups. We have a tendency to publish updated data because it comes to market so that we help cut back exposure to and transmission of the Coronavirus.

As a globally operational company with numerous staff members, we have a tendency to guarantee our country organizations operate in accordance with the protocols of official authorities, each international organizations and native country health authority advisories, whichever sets the strictest rules.


Our Coronavirus task force coordinates the implementation of correct and customised Business Continuation aiming to native conditions, and immediate response and watching.
Each of our company’ divisions manages its operations to make sure, to the extent potential, associate degree undisrupted service to our customers. All our divisions area unit mobilizing Business Continuity Plans, as well as pandemic operational plans, and implementing preventive actions as applicable.

Operational updates in specific countries are communicated on a country-by-country basis and by the several business unit.

In case you need more specific detail concerning the present operational standing in your country, please contact your account manager or client service representative.