ceo Welcome


CEO Welcome

Like most other industries, transportation and logistics (T&L) is currently confronting immense changes; and like all change, this brings both risk
and opportunity. New technology, new market newcomers, new customer expectations, and new business models. We’ve relooked at ourselves and
redeveloped our core strengths to fulfil these challenges, some evolutionary, others more revolutionary.

We’ve done this through technology and new collaborations are key areas of logistics, with a strategic specialize in now, and also the exploration of some possible future changes within our logistics industry.

We’ve invested in state of the art technology. In doing so we hope to intelligently maximise the utilization of our acquired technology, from data analytics, to automation, to the ‘Physical Internet’. All this within the pursuit of lower costs,
improved efficiency, furthermore because the opportunity to form genuine breakthroughs within the way all sectors of our industry works.

New entrants to the industry ‘Sharing” has become a giant part for logistics
now – from the Uber-style business model approach to the last-mile delivery, to more formal JV’s and partnerships at corporate level, the full sector may be a redefined collaboration. We are leading the way during this pursuit to fulfil the expectations of our customers.

Like individual customers, industrial customers now expect their shipments to move faster, be more flexible, and more transparency all at a lower cost to the customer.

In-line Freight Solutions understands that each client is different, because of this our solutions are tailor-made to our clients requirements.

We are IFS. Join our revolution.

Portia May
CEO, In-line Freight Solutions