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In-line Freight Solutions


The driving focus in starting IFS was to gather a dynamic, experienced, and efficient team who shares a similar vision, not only to be part of this organization’s development through innovative ideas and positive forward-thinking but also to ensure a high standard of service delivery to our valued clients. Understanding good business ethics and good business skills by placing our client’s requirements as our number one priority.

Combining international-based partners and the combined years of experience has proven In-Line Freight Solutions to be a market leader in the logistics and forwarding industry. Re-defining service levels and professional time management through a dedicated team.

“Big enough to provide and small enough to care”

We provide value for the



IFS provides a very competitively priced solution that is fast and safe. We deliver directly to your doorstep, saving an overwhelmingly large amount of homes time and money. We aim to provide for a more positive and happier delivery experience that is professional and competitive. Furthermore, we provide a much broader portfolio of services on offer than most service providers within the marketplace.


IFS provides efficient and low-cost access to the European, American, and Asian markets for small to large importers and exporters. This channel opens new markets and revenue channels seamlessly and effectively.  

Global Community

It is our mandate to support the backbone of the global economic community by facilitating their access to the largest global markets in the world. America, China, UK, Russia, the European Union, the African Union, and all other global economic leaders enjoy our solutions by bringing the global market to their doorsteps and in so doing they are employing various communities within their borders.

African Continent

We are well versed in providing a seamless freight forwarding and shipping experience into all of the 54 African states that is second to none.  Africa has a wealth of untampered resources that the world needs, especially the Asian market, hence us helping all clients with a world-class efficient solution that is tailored for the relevant market. Import and export is our area of expertise.  

Big enough to provide and small enough to care

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 Premium World Class Service

Our Unique Positioning


Across our multiple business units, we leverage and continue to build one integrated end-to-end logistics solution.


We track all interactions and the flow of goods across the various logistics channels right up to the point of the final consumers. Thus we have built an unprecedented database of insights about the various sectors of industry between Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia.


Our professional team consists of logistic experts that has a wealth of local and international logistical cargo laws.  Our network reaches the far corners of the world and the products we move are continuously tracked day and night until the point of delivery.


We create scannable seals for the product boxes that we move which makes them track and traceable from the source all the way to the end-consumer. We assure that our clients products are handled with integrity through our quality service.


We provide access to our inhouse specialised team that has channels into the Asian markets, esp. China, and various global markets. 

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